A House concert is a recital in a private home. A home allows for a more informal and intimate recital. It is ideal from an audience point of view, where everyone can be comfortable, warm and closer to the performers than would usually be possible. Light refreshments such as wine and cheese are usually provided and there is an opportunity for the performers and audience to meet and talk after the recital is over. The performance, including an interval of 15 minutes takes about two hours.

The hosts are responsible for inviting the guests and require a room capable of seating around 30 or more people. We have performed to numbers ranging from 20 to over 100 people. Guests are usually invited to arrive at 7.30 pm with the performance starting about 8 pm. This gives people time to have a drink, socialise and find a seat or cushion.

The suggested ticket price is $25 per head, with a percentage going towards refreshment costs if required. The type of refreshment is left entirely to the discretion of the host with B.Y.O. being an option. Alternatively the artists can be engaged for a set fee. Please bear in mind that these are suggestions and guidlines and we are happy to fit in with Particular needs.

A House Concert is a unique and intimate way to experience a musical performance and provides the opportunity for friends to get together.



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